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"Janette Van Gruisen is a first-rate editor. I have worked with a number of editors over the years and have received sound direction and feedback from many of them. However, my professional rapport with Janette is different, elevated because of her talent and professionalism. The best editors read deeply, attempting to truly understand the writing and its provenance, and then provide advice and feedback within that framework. Many editors are too heavy-handed, imposing their own perspective on the author's writing. I don't know that anyone has read my work with the depth of understanding and care that Janette has. Editing is technical, but it is also an art. Janette is a sound tactician and possesses an artist's eye for nuance and detail. I have the utmost respect for Janette and her abilities, and highly recommend her." 
Andrew McNabb, author of The Body of This: Stories (Warren Machine Company, 2009, and Wiseblood Books, 2014)

"Janette is a true professional who respects the process of writing as well as the challenges a working writer faces. Her editing expertise is sound, and her business style is professional, approachable, and down-to-earth. Her edits were always respectful of my voice and she always seemed to understand my intentions. She has taught me how to pare and polish my own writing, and has helped me to help myself as a writer.”
LC, Master’s degree recipient in French language and literature, Harvard University

"You know exactly how to edit my sentences into the sentences I wanted them to be all along. But you also hear what I'm thinking, and what I'm trying to say, and help me to express it as the perfect representation of my thesis. So your amazing editing support has helped me to become a better writer and a better thinker!"
KMP, MFA graduate, Lesley University

”Time and time again, Janette provided sound suggestions that helped the XB team improve our client documents and writing skills. She was responsive and always very supportive, and a pleasure to work with.”
Katherine Graham-Leviss, Founder and President, XBInsight Inc., Portsmouth, Rhode Island

"Cay Electronics has contracted editing work to Janette Van Gruisen for several in-house documents detailing technical procedures and instructions for workflow. These documents are used by our staff to ensure that the company maintains a consistent approach to its work. In all cases the editing produced documents that were clearer, more concise, and considerably easier to understand. The resulting improvement in the efficiency and quality of work delivered by our staff means that we will continue to use her editing services for future projects."
Cay Electronics Inc., The Marine Systems Engineers, Rhode Island, USA and Tortola, British Virgin Islands